Google Docs add-on


1) Log into your Google Docs account and either create a new document or edit an existing one.

2) Once your document is open click 'Add-ons'. If you have already added the GradeProof add-on you will be           able to access it here.

3) Then click 'Get add-ons...', This will open the Add-ons store where you will then need to search for          'GradeProof' in the search bar. 

4) Once you have found GradeProof in the store you will need to click ' + FREE' to add it to your add-ons. If you      are using an add blocker you will need to turn it off in order to sign in. 

5) Follow the prompts to allow GradeProof to edit your documents.

6) To use GradeProof on your document simply click 'Add-ons' again, followed by 'GradeProof: Proofreading             with AI' and then 'Start'

7) A GradeProof pop up will open on the right side of the screen, click 'View suggestions' to see where the errors      in your document are. 

8) Once you have finished editing your document in the pop-up, simply click 'Apply changes' and GradeProof          will edit in the changes you made.