Free Features

All free users have access to GradeProof's essential features which help identify basic and fundamental errors in your writing. Find out more below:


GradeProof's spelling engine will check every word in your document against the English dictionary. If it finds a word it cannot identify in the dictionary, it will show up as an error underlined in red. From there it will find words that are similar and fit into the context of your writing.


The Grammar engine searches your document for any grammatically incorrect phrases. This includes mistakes with tense, duplicated words and phrases, incorrect use of punctuation, incorrect phrases and subject verb disagreements just to name a few. 

Personal Dictionary

Sometimes there are words specific to an industry or subject that are not included in the English dictionary that are, however, still correct. You can save these to your dictionary so that they will no longer be identified as an error.


The Thesaurus Engine helps you find the best alternative word, depending on its context. Simply highlight or double-click on a word to view a list of synonyms.

Writing Statistics

The right-hand side of the GradeProof Editor displays helpful statistics such as word count, reading and speaking time, readability and grade level. 


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