Pro Features

In addition to all of our free features, GradeProof Pro users can access advanced features that help to improve the quality, flow and originality of your writing. Check them out below: 

Eloquence Engine


The Phrasing Engine searches for ways to improve the flow and eloquence of your writing style. This includes changing sentence structure, vocabulary and other enhancements to express your writing in a clearer manner.


The Efficiency Engine looks for wordy language that can be more concisely expressed. This helps writers to be more specific with their writing in order to more effectively convey their ideas.


The Vocabulary Engine finds alternatives to weak words to make your writing more powerful.

Passive Voice

The Passive Voice Engine looks for instances of passive voice that would improve if changed to active voice.

Experimental Engine


The Case Engine uses AI to determine whether a word should be capitalized.

Singular / Plural

The Singular/Plural Engine uses AI to determine whether words should be in singular or plural form.

Verb Form

The Verb Form Engine uses AI to determine whether a verb is in the correct form.


The Outwrite Engine is an experimental feature that helps you paraphrase sentences instantly. Select a sentence, and it will find different ways to compress, expand or rephrase it depending on your word target.

Plagiarism Engine

Check the originality of your document by searching and comparing it to publicly available text on the internet. This allows writers, particularly college students who are submitting assignments, to ensure the integrity of their work.

Word targeting


The Compression Engine finds ways to make your text shorter. It is useful for writers who are over their word limit and want to reduce the number of words, without sacrificing the meaning and content of their document.


The Improvement Engine is GradeProof's default setting and will provide suggestions it believes to be the best, irrespective of their length.


The Expansion Engine finds ways to make your text longer. It is useful for writers who are under their desired word count and want to increase the number of words, without adding extra content that might not be relevant.

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