What is GradeProof?

GradeProof offers automated high-quality spelling, grammar and rephrasing corrections to improve the flow and eloquence of your writing. It's just like a spellchecker, but on steroids.


We are available on 5 platforms; Google Docs, Word, Chrome, iOS and the web at https://gradeproof.com. On our iOS and web versions, you can easily import documents or copy/paste any text and begin improving your writing. On Google Docs, simply open the GradeProof add-on from the 'Add-ons' menu and then click 'View Suggestions' in the GradeProof sidebar.


We have two plans; Free and Pro. Our Free plan offers Spelling, Grammar and basic Phrasing suggestions. Upgrading to GradeProof Pro will give access to our advanced AI-based Eloquence Engine, which offers more powerful rephrasing suggestions and structural changes. Pro Plans also provide 50 plagiarism checks per month to ensure the originality of your work. You can find out more at https://gradeproof.com/plans.